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NewYork Magazine (Nov. 27th, 2000)

featured us as “having the best prices
for Silver and Pewter around 

They work with you to come up with the perfect item”.

     At Accurate Engraving, a custom-engraving and silver-sales business (212-889-8980), Angie finds great corporate gifts. "Let's say I'm Revlon and I have a hundred buyers coming in and I need something special," she explains. "I might do a sterling-silver Post-it note holder with each of their names on it."
     Accurate Engraving's Allen Blustein can deliver from 12 to 1,500 of each item within a week. Blustein also can imitate any type of penmanship, in any language -- which means he can custom-engrave even handwritten notes onto, say, a Tiffany-style silver frame, turning a classic gift into something infinitely more meaningful. "And of course, he's got the best prices for silver and pewter around," says Angie. "And he works with you to come up with that perfect item or idea that symbolizes something special."

     Read the full article here


InStyle (Nov. 2000)

featured our Sterling Silver Post Card
on which we actually copy your handwriting!

InStyle Magazine
For a travel themed keepsake, give a silver postcard
engraved with your own handwritten take on "Wish you were here."

Engraved sterling siver postcard from Accurate Engraving
$500 ($250-$350 for pewter), 212-889-8980. Delivery: 2 weeks. · (212) 889-8980
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